Evolution of the project

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The duration of the project is 3 years, from December 2012 up to November 2015. Different goals and deadlines are to be met during each stage.

First year :

· updating seminar for the partners on the Narrative Format “Hocus&Lotus” approach for teaching languages to children and intercultural aspects;

· construction of the project website;

· development of SOFT guide for parents and translation into host country and migrant languages;

· delivery of the training program to the teachers;

· presentation to schools and selection of 8 comprehensive schools in each of the 5 European countries;

· training to teachers in the selected schools on the Narrative Format “Hocus&Lotus” approach to teach languages (16 teachers per country).

Second year:

· tutoring and coaching of the 40 SOFT schools and about 800 migrant and native families involved in the project activities;

· data collection for research;

· elaboration of the SOFT-school guide.

Third year:

· application and use of the SOFT project activities into 40 new classes of the schools involved;

· data collection for research;

· evaluation and assessment of the project;

· dissemination of the project results.